Etiquetas: Role of Commons in Legal Education and Research

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Indian Rights – Second Part: The study of Law at the University of New Delhi

Tiempo de lectura: 5 minutos Thus, the professor explains “for example, we have 5 courses each semester and each course has to carry out a research project of 30 points, and which end in the fifth year, that means that when they graduate they have carried out 50 research projects, in all these study subjects, and they not only prepare these works, they also present them in class ”. In other words, each individual investigation is exposed in front of the class, giving relevance not only to the exploration work but also to the dissemination and communication work. The National Law University library supplies primary and secondary data to all students, including high-tech software for conducting research.

India y Derechos. Parte 2: Universidad Nacional de Derecho de New Delhi

Tiempo de lectura: 6 minutos El profesor Singh también hizo hincapié en la cultura de investigación en la Universidad Nacional de Derecho de Delhi, que alienta a los estudiantes y al profesorado a adquirir un nuevo enfoque apoyado por las bibliotecas desde el primer año de su aprendizaje para preparar y presentar más de 50 proyectos de investigación e informes durante su periodo de estudio.